On Having a Mission

So I have been working with the organization ‘Youth With A Mission’ now since 2007. Over six years. For the past 6 years I have mainly worked with a Bible School in which our primary focus has been to study the bible in its original context. That means lots of time researching. However, not researching opinion on how to interpret the bible. But researching the cultural and historical world of the bible. Then you go through the books interpreting ‘as if’ we were in the shoes of those people to whom the bible was originally written to.

Lots of work. Or at times there may have been short cuts. This no doubt would result in bad theology or just uninformed opinions about the bibles meaning. But when we are not cutting such corners this pursuit ends in the discovery of ‘Truth’. If its really true true, then it ends in the pursuit of Love for God and people.

This I feel is revolutionary. That we can say that something is absolutely true and still love people. Its anti-pluralistic which I realize is anti-my culture. Which may make me an enemy of some. This is where of course I realize that my revolutionary idea is not thrilling to most. We don’t want to make ourselves into others enemies if we are to be displaying the love of Christ to people. Yet I realize its just going to happen, but my mission is still double sided. Its truth and it is love. I can bring love and by doing so hope to communicate truth. Or I can communicate truth in the Hope that for some that will be the most loving thing I could do.

My next step in this mission, I am happy to say will not be about burying myself in a cave to study more, (as was my plan) but I will be taking a practical step in more mission.ywam

2014 My Goal is to partner with each ministry associated with YWAM San Diego/Baja (Mexico). That includes children after school programs, youth boys ministry, educational program for kids, homeless and prostitute ministry in the red light district of Tijuana, building homes for the poor about 10 weekends out of the year, partner with the aquponics (with my wife) gardening system for developing poor communities, and sports ministry. It is my desire to embrace a range of practical ministries such as some of these mentioned. My main focus will be closely related to my experience in inductive bible study and teaching. I will continue overseeing the work we are doing in the bible schools, training new staff as teachers of the word, teaching in our Discipleship Training Schools, serving local pastors and churches, and developing church based higher education.

I am so thrilled to be working with a group of people who take the name to heart and are actually striving to be in the mission of Christ in effectively bringing the truth of Jesus by extension of his love.

I have had a mission the whole time in YWAM. God made sure I was, and I am so grateful for CSBS and for the emphasis on the trans-formative power of the word in the real world. I am encouraged to be a part of a community centered in a common mission for serving the poor. By the years of active mercy, many doors have been opened for ongoing transformation of Mexico. Im excited to be a part of what I believe is a missions success story that is not complete.

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2 thoughts on “On Having a Mission

  1. Jane

    Praying for you Much, Jesse….

  2. This sounds exciting. I am praying for you both.

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