Blind Leap of Faith?

This is often a term used in popular culture with books and movies. When there is seemingly no reason whatsoever to believe in something we are told to take a leap of faith. To believe in Love, to believe in someone, or something. Often this is the definition of Christian faith in God or Christ. Even though history would “prove” there is no bases for belief we are supposed to just take a leap of faith. And we are reassured it will all be okay.

We find love in the end, someone or something comes through. God ends up being real and Jesus really was who the bible says he was. At least that is how its supposed to go.

Well, I don’t like it. I don’t like the whole thing.

I don’t like what we made faith out to be. I don’t like what we have made God out to be by defining faith in this way. Thing is is I believe in God, and I believe in Jesus as a historical man and that the things the bible says about him are all true. That he is God’s son, sent from heaven, born of a virgin, Jewish, crucified, physically resurrected, appeared before men and women, ascended to be with God, and his spirit abiding in all who believe in him.

Thing is, I dont think that my faith in God and Christ is a blind leap of faith. God is not a God who has not spoken, acted, put on flesh, and given his own written word. The Bible Exists. It is validated as a document to be taken serious historically, biographically, literally, and poetically. If there was no Word of God, no action, no putting on of flesh, no names of ancient cities named after things God does, no people who’s names are aspects of the character of God, no historical references to God or gods, no religion than maybe I would consider my faith to be a blind leap of faith. I might consider my ‘faith’ to be a nonsensical jump into thee abyss. But who in there right mind would jump off into the mist with out some slight inclination that there is something that might catch or break the fall. God does not ask us to stop using the minds he gave us, he asks us to look around, and take notice of the world he created, the design that points all men to something greater, to look to his word, written, and in flesh -Jesus Christ. To put our faith in who God is, in what he has done, and what he said he will do.

God is there.


Sure faith perhaps may be a jump into the mist, a blind man leaping in the dark. But if it is then it is a blind man leaping who has heard the voice of one who has previously revealed himself to be trustworthy. That after walking around and around the ridge of the mountain and hearing the voice below finds the courage to believe that the next ledge is not far at all, that the real danger is staying on top of the mountain to freeze when help has made itself known just below your feet. Its not irrational to say, “okay, Im going to step down to the next ledge where I can find shelter and safety.”

Sources for inspiration:

1. The Bible

2. ‘The God who is there’ and ‘He is there and he is not silent’ – Francis Schaeffer

3. Hearing people say that faith in God is to be a blind leap of faith.

4. Currently Reading a cool book, “Jesus and the Eyewitnesses” – Great for seeing someone finally do justice to the modern/critical scholarship of the 20th and 21st Century world.

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5 thoughts on “Blind Leap of Faith?

  1. I agree. Rather eye opening. Why do we need faith to believe in Christ? Belief is not based on faith, it’s based on fact, or at the very least some sort of story. You either believe it or you don’t. If you need faith to believe in something you obviously have as much doubt as you do belief in that thing. If you truly believe in Christ and his story, that he is the son of God, and that God created the earth, then you need not faith. You need faith for things like miracles. Things that go against everything you’ve seen. Things like moving mountains and casting them into the sea. Things like instant healing. These things speak directly against all that we know as physical humans. It’s against what our minds tell us can happen. In such cases we need faith. Anyways, thanks man. I really enjoyed reading this. Miss ya man.

  2. I totally agree. Alistair Begg said it is “faith biased on a reasonable expectation.” God gave us minds for a reason.

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