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Goals for Reading, Writing, Teaching, and Creating

So Lately I have been on a writing and reading lull. I have a number of books i need to get started. I’ve also been hitting a wall with any kind of writing. A guess it is just the end of an other year for me and I am catching my breath for the next long stretch. The year for the last 7 years goes from September to August.

Thought this might be a good time to set out some of my goals for this next year. Reading, writing, teaching, creating, and personal goals need to be laid out.

Here I will mostly layout some of my reading, writing, and teaching goals because that is what I will likely be continuing with here on my blog over the next year.

This past year I ended up reading around 15 books. That actually means there are about 6-8 on my shelf that I purchased and have not finished. I am by no means a speed reader. It takes me a lot of hard work and focus to finish books. I’m have a bit of an attention disorder. I still, like when i was a kid, find myself wanting to be outside on the soccer field running. I’m the guy who’s leg wont stop twitching. This next year I think it would be cool however to actually read 15 books again. It was a good year for me in being able to get through this many books. A few of them were 500 pages or more. I read a lot in the area of History, Sociology, Philosophy, and Theology, and in that order.

Im eager to read more in these categories, as they are my favorite. But I’m also very fascinated by ecology. I may pick up a few books dealing with the environment from people that I like. Bill McKibben, Paul Hawken, and Joel Salatin are popular authors and practitioners in my wish list. I’m very interested to see people who love God pointing the rest of us toward a more biblical attitude towards the environment.

That and a handful of good theologians. My two favorite currently are John H. Walton for the OT and Tom Wright for the NT. These guys both point to the whole picture of Gods design and redemptive purpose for all of Gods creation. In the beginning man had a special job of caring for and making it better. In Christ man is re-created for the same good work. I love it. 🙂

If I can manage to read more then 15 I would be happy, but we will see.

If I am reading consistently then I’m sure I will be able to find the energy to write more and continue my blog. I want to write on the issues coming up in my reading and have some fun posts but also informative with footnotes and keep myself a bit scholarly and studious.

As for the area of teaching. I want to challenge myself with a few new books in the CSBS. Im thinking I will finally get around to teaching Romans. I have a a dream of getting to fully teach the book of Exodus. Love that book. Outside of teaching in the class I will be teaching and training staff. One of the new developments for this year will to begin our media initiative of the CSBS. I want to be able to do way more in the area of media. So I have learned to do some basic editing. We are going to get a good bit of equipment and begin developing some quality teaching videos. Some short ones with solid information and some longer overview lectures. I of course will have to practice to get what we are looking for and will have the chance to develop some of my own teachings just for video. But eventually we will have our staff using it and all our incoming speakers. I’m going to incorporate it into the preparation for each staff as they prep a book. There will be 2-4 sessions working with the equipment and cranking out good media related to their teachings.

Im also looking to develop what we are calling a “Word of Hope” pamphlet for the Homes of Hope work we are doing here in Mexico. Every family that receives a Home will receive the pamphlet and someone to being to explain some of the contents. It will literally be a Word of Hope. We want to introduce the families to God not just with the home we give, and the bible we give, and the love we give. We want them to know a bit more of what is in the book we give them. We want them to begin to grasp what the Hope really is. Its not just a home to make there crappy life a little better. Its not just a book and a God that will take you to heaven later after your crappy life. But it is the hope of a God that comes into our lives and begins to show us how we can live this life to the fullest and begin to see his trans-formative work here in our life and in our families and communities. We hope ‘Word of Hope’ will make that just a little more clear and bring more light to why we gave them a Home and a Bible.

I final idea that I may be working on this summer is to create an accredited course with YWAM for the churches and the families of the communities we are working to see transformed. It would be equivalent of a small 3 week course. I think I would like to see it called a Genesis Course. We would begin in the area of Worldview. Particularly looking at Genesis 1-2 and getting a clear picture of who we are. It is important to know your value. Even in the rest of Genesis to know that even as a fallen being you have great value to God and in all of creation. The second week would give people tools for biblical studies and learning how to value Gods word and receive from it. The last week would be taking the model that God gave Abraham to bless other families. We would have them develop their own ‘seed project’. They will end the course with having one thing they will do to begin the blessing of other people. In summary gaining value of self, value of the Word, and value of giving. This I think expresses what we want people to grasp as they begin their walk. That they have value, that Gods Word has immense ongoing value, and that being a blessing to other people and our environment begins to give value to the rest of Gods creation.

These are a handful of the ideas, goals, and thoughts about the coming year. September through August. 🙂

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