Jesse Evans  –  Born 1987

I work with University of the Nations, as Director of Biblical Integrations for the San Diego/Baja campuses. I live with my wife Becky in Tijuana Mexico. I teach and study the bible almost year round. I oversee the Chronological School of Biblical Studies and mentor school leaders and staff for the task of teaching and equipping others to study the bible inductively. I am committed in my study and teaching to engage with the scripture in its original context in order to understand its original message. This helps preserve its original message in order that we rightly understand the timeless truths/principles it gives for today.

What we do:

Beyond my teaching and overseeing of the CSBS and BCC here in Tijuana and Ensenada we are focused on a number of other great practical projects. Becky works with aquaponics program and is developing some initiatives for providing sustainable food options for families, communities, and businesses.

We are also working to help build homes for families in need. Check out this video to get an idea of the kind of help we are bringing for families and communities.

If you want to help us in this ministry we certainly need it. Thanks for taking interest in what we are doing to build the kingdom of God and bring people to Jesus.


24 thoughts on “About

  1. I was an MK in Baja. I think it was in Ensenada. My dad was a pilot with MAF. We went to Tijuana all the time. Nice to find you.:-)

  2. Just thought I would let you know, I have added your website to my ‘more links’ page.

  3. Dear Jesse.
    I just looking for the blog which contains the bible study. And eventually I found your great blog. Thank you to God who has been pointed me to visiting your blog. This the blog what I need for my spiritual growth. .Thank you.

    • Awesome! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for following.

      • Dear Jesse, thank you so much for your quick response. .well, so far I don’t have any questions. .but I will if there is something that I need to know more..I will spend more my time to dive deeper to your blog and read many posts of you. Thank you so much..
        Love in Christ. .

  4. This is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  5. Awesome stuff. Love that you are preserving the intended message of the bible!

  6. Enjoyed perusing through your blog this morning. I have long said that if you read the Bible with your heart and not your eyes, you will know the truth; for a blind man can see beauty better than the sighted because his eyes do not interfere with the view.

  7. Hi Jesse, Nice one for liking my post. I don’t normally (ever?) follow up every ‘like’ with a personal email (I’m not that creepy), but I noticed your SBS connections, and that makes us ‘brothers in SBS’ as well as in Christ! I staffed and led an SBS on two continents before becoming a Baptist minister in the UK. Delighted to be reminded of my most excellent past. My daughter is currently ‘global’ doing an SBS, something I insisted on before she studies theology at Uni (I say ‘insisted’ but it was more begged). In my experience, the SBS is BY FAR the best prep and grounding for a life time of great Bible study AND good theology. I shall enjoy flicking through your blog. Bless you buddy.

    • Awesome! So great to hear from you about your time in SBS. Where are you working in the UK? So cool about having your daughter do the school to. It is awesome to hear people speak of the school like that. I will be following your posts from now on as well.

  8. University of the Nations…is that with YWAM?

  9. I just have to say, you have the best blog title and header photo combination I have seen yet!

  10. I went on a missions trip to Tijuana Mexico when I was in my early 20’s. I’m so thankful God gave me that experience. Working in the dumps was an eye-opening experience. May God bless your work there for His kingdom!

  11. Thank you very much for your informative posts. I’m a Christian who loves history and science and will re-read your posts when I have a bit more time. As usual, sat down at my computer to do something and I’vce been distracted but no complaints! God Bless, Rowena, Australia

  12. Great blog…right up my alley of things that I like! Thank you for visiting my blog because it led me to your awesome blog.



  13. Thanks for the like over at dandelionend. I browsed your blog a bit, and I’ll be back. You have some thought-provoking posts.

  14. Thanks for liking one of my posts. I have had a lot of interaction with YWAM over the years, hosting quite a few DTS teams, the most recent being this year, from Kona. Blessings on you in your ministry!

  15. inlightenbyjesus


    Please contact me for any future volunteer work. I enjoyed reading Bible on Tap. I would like to connect with you. To make a difference in this world by sharing the love we have for Christ.

    God bless,

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